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Dom Pérignon is a prestigious vintage brand Champagne produced by Moët & Chandon and named after a Benedictine monk that lived from 1638 to 1715. It has been used for many special occasions, like ship launches, weddings and billions of toasts.

It is real Champagne and stems from the original Champagne (Region)

Famous Dom Pérignon Label

The grapes used for Dom Pérignon are made from the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes with the most sunlight possible. It is not always made with the same percentage of the two different grape types. It depends on the quality of the grapes in each year. All grapes used for the upscale Champagne are from the same year they were harvested.

Dom Pérignon was the first ever prestigious cuveé and the first vintage was 1921 and released and first for sale in 1936. In years where the grapes are not perfect, there is no vintage made.