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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 31 October 2014

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere...

A few years ago, I was at a party with a friend from Taiwan. We were admiring the bubbles in our champagne glasses when she told me that in Taiwain, "the bubbles in your champagne represent happiness in your life. The more bubbles there are in your glass, the happier you'll be in life."

By that measure, I should be the happiest man on earth. When I drink, I almost always drink something sparkling. For me, sparkling wines and champagnes are just so much more enjoyable than standard wine. And it should be the same for you, too! There are so many myths about champagne and sparkling wine -- such as:

1. Sparkling wine and champagne don't go well with food -- this is a MYTH! You can absolutely pair sparkling varieties with meals. A good rule of th…

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OzRunnerGrrrl OzRunnerGrrrl 31 October 2014

Buying "Champagne" on a lower budget

I was lucky enough a few years ago to live in Paris for two months.  Decent wine is actually lot cheaper in France than in the US, thank goodness as we were on a very low budget!  We splurged a bit to go to a French wine tasting class to learn a bit more about what to look for.    The best thing I learned was an alternative to Champagne.  We all know that champagne can only be named that if it is from the French region of Champagne… and it costs a lot!  Let me introduce you to Crémant.  The full and proper name for the wine is Crémant d’Alsace.  Crémant is sparkling wine that is from the Alsace wine region in France, made in the same style as the sparkling wine from the Champagne region.  The bubbles tend to be less aggressive than other s…

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